ISSUE 4 (December 2019)

 +Issue #4+

+Edited by Jason V Brock+

+Published by Cycatrix Press+

Available in Print or PDF editions here. 

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~Table of Contents~

+Fiction & Poetry+
“Feed the Plow” by JG Faherty

“She Paddles the Impossible Canoe” by Geoffrey W. Cole

“Oil King” by Carson Buckingham

“The Advertising Man” by Robert Guffey

“Dancing with Mrs. D.” by Joe L. Murr

“Soulmate” by Eric J. Guignard

“The Martian Bell” by Darrell Schweitzer

“The Muse Is a Harsh Mistress” by Manny Frishberg

“Afterlife” by Bridgid Cassin

“CORPSeX: A Method of Love” by Vincent Daemon

“Covenant of Wolves and Swine” by Steven Saus

“The Hotel Quetzalcoatl” by E. E. King

“To the Editors” by Stephen Persing

“A Blast from the Past” by William F. Nolan

“Last Night with Nico” by J. Brundage

“The Garden” by Erinn L. Kemper

“Our Lady of Redemption” by Colleen Anderson

“Long Walk Home” by John Palisano

+Nonfiction & Interviews+
“Universal Monsters” by Colleen Anderson
“Basic Shapes, Basic Emotions: Geometry in Science Fiction” by Hank Shore
“Of the Dead: A Brief Look at the Zombie Films of George A. Romero” by Joseph Rubas
“Cosmicomics: On the Other Side of Surreal” by Don Webb
+Marc Bilgrey+

+Jason V Brock+

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