The intended goal of Nameless is to meld divergent (even challenging) critical perspectives on a variety of subjects — fiction, music, art, film, social commentary — and present them with the best content (literary, artistic, and, in the case of the website, multimedia) we can muster from the genres of horror, science fiction, magical realism, slipstream, and dark fantasy. Nameless was conceived from the outset as a thought-provoking annual print periodical, as well as a year-round online destination for the intellectually adventurous. We strive to achieve this via the alchemy of innovative discourse, high production values, and rigorous editorial standards.
Though the focus will always be on the macabre, weird, uncanny and esoteric, Nameless will also be a bastion for the underappreciated idea, the unexplored possibility, the poorly understood concept. We are not a home for the pedestrian, the obvious, the common. That stated, Nameless is open to any and all ideas, reflections, and points of view concerning the Cosmos, our place in it, and insights into the human condition. It is a state of mind as much as anything, and as such is accepting of anyone that is curious, thoughtful and rational.
Enjoy your stay!
Nameless Digest is a professional market, annual, illustrated, perfect-bound, 6×9″ book/journal of 150-300 pages per issue. It is published by Cycatrix Press, a division of JaSunni Productions, LLC, and will be printed in limited quantities in the Spring of each year.  Along with each print issue there will be a near-simultaneous electronic edition, available in differing formats. The website magazine aspect will be maintained on a mostly regular basis with exclusive content, and will offer the TOC, cover, and short excerpts of upcoming issues, as well as current articles that may or may not be in the print version. Online, there will be multimedia offerings from time to time as well.
The material in Nameless is wide-ranging and will be presented in an eye-catching manner. Each issue will vary as to theme, but each will provide fascinating commentary on topical subjects, politics, science, criticism, philosophy, and reviews of current media. Nameless will engage subscribers/participants with fiction/poetry, interviews, memoirs, essays, multimedia, artwork, film and more.