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ISSUE 4 (December 2019)

 +Issue #4+ +Edited by Jason V Brock+ +Published by Cycatrix Press+ Available in Print or PDF editions here.  Amazon Kindle:  ____________________________________________________________________ ~Table of Contents~ +Fiction & Poetry+ “Feed the Plow” by JG Faherty “She Paddles the Impossible Canoe” by Geoffrey W. Cole “Oil King” by Carson Buckingham “The Advertising […]

The Girl In The Video

THE GIRL IN THE VIDEO by Michael David Wilson (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, April 28, 2020) Paperback, 100 pages. ISBN # 978-1-943720-43-9 THE GIRL IN THE VIDEO is an edge of the seat thriller, very cinematic in tone.  This fast-paced, fluid novella transports readers on a journey of heightened apprehension […]

Arterial Bloom anthology

Review: Arterial Bloom

     ARTERIAL BLOOM edited by Mercedes M. Yardley (Crystal Lake Publishing, March 22, 2020)  Paperback, 232 pages. ISBN #1646693108 / 9781646693108   When I want to read an above average anthology of short stories, Crystal Lake Publishing rarely disappoints. ARTERIAL BLOOM is no exception.     I was equally pleased […]

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