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ISSUE 4 (December 2019)

 +Issue #4+ +Edited by Jason V Brock+ +Published by Cycatrix Press+ Available in Print or PDF editions here.  Amazon Kindle:  ____________________________________________________________________ ~Table of Contents~ +Fiction & Poetry+ “Feed the Plow” by JG Faherty “She Paddles the Impossible Canoe” by Geoffrey W. Cole “Oil King” by Carson Buckingham “The Advertising […]

APPEARANCE: Jason V Brock — Orycon, Fall 2015 as Editor GoH

Jason V Brock is an award-winning writer, editor, filmmaker, composer, and artist, and has been widely published online, in comic books, magazines, and anthologies, such as Innsmouth Nightmares, Disorders of Magnitude (Bram Stoker Award Finalist for Nonfiction; Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award Finalist for Best Book), Simulacrum and Other Possible […]

EVENT: “THE UNSEEN CINEMA OF HR GIGER” — May 2015, Memorial Day Weekend at the Museum of Arts and Design (NYC)

Coinciding with the recent Nameless Digest review of the documentary Dark Star: The World of H. R. Giger, a major cinematic event is happening at New York City’s Museum of Arts and Design (MAD): The Unseen Cinema of HR Giger, a film festival in three parts on FRIDAY, MAY 22nd and SATURDAY, MAY 23rd, 2015. […]