+Issue #1 (Debut)+

+Edited by Jason V Brock & S. T. Joshi+

+Published by Cycatrix Press+

Available in Print or PDF editions here. 


~Table of Contents~

+Fiction & Poetry+

+Gene O’Neill“The Hungry Skull”

+Jonathan Thomas – Way Up When”

+Wade German – Selected Poetry+

+Michael Abolafia – Poetry+




+James Goho – “The Outsider”: A Sequel to Poe’s “House of Usher“?

+Shade Rupe – Russellmania! – Six Weeks with a Devil+

+Ross Freedman – Echoes of Excess: Director Ken Russell in the ’80s+

+Jason V Brock+

 Demetrios Vakras and Lee-Anne Raymond (Interview)




+Demetrios Vakras (Featured)+

+Lee-Anne Raymond  (Featured)+

+Jason V Brock+




+John C. Tibbetts+

+Michael J. Clarke+

+Kaye Vincent+

+Sunni K Brock+

+Paul G. Bens, Jr.+


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