+Issue #3+

+Edited by Jason V Brock & S. T. Joshi+

+Published by Cycatrix Press+

Available in Print or PDF editions here. 


~Table of Contents~

+Fiction & Poetry+
 + Nicole Cushing – “The Mirrors”
+ Airika Sneve – “Abysmoira”
+ Nicole J. LeBoeuf – “Lambing Season”
+K. M. Tonso – “Silver Hairs among the Gold”
+ Yancho Cholakov (Translated by Kalin M. Nenov) – Asked the Soldier, “Who Called Me?””
+Mike Allen – “Monster”
+ Edward Morris — The Part of Me They Could Not Kill Went On To Organize. . .”
+ David Agranoff – “The Classroom: A Vignette”
+ Therese Arkenberg — “The Witch Hunter’s Account”
+JC Crumpton – Selected Poetry
+ Marc Venema Selected Poetry
+Ed Higgins – Selected Poetry
+ Kelda Crich – Selected Poetry
+Nonfiction & Interviews+
+Hank Shore – Three Short Articles
+Shade Rupe – Jean Rollin retrospective
+Sam Gafford – The Man Who Saved (W. H.) Hodgson!
+Jason V Brock – Bryan K. Ward (Interview)
+Aaron J. French – Column
+Bryan K. Ward+
+Marc Bilgrey+
+Ron Sanders+
+Jason V Brock+
+Sunni K Brock+
+Stephanie M. Wytovich+
+Don Webb+

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