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Jason V Brock


Founder of JaSunni Productions, whose documentary films include Charles Beaumont: The Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic ManThe AckerMonster Chronicles, and the upcoming Image, Reflection, Shadow: Artists of the Fantastic. He also the author of Totems and Taboos, a compilation of his poetry and artwork, and an editor, along with William F. Nolan, of The Bleeding Edge and The Devil’s Coattails published by Cycatrix Press. Brock shared story credit on the Logan’s Run: Last Day comic book series from Bluewater Productions. He also served as Managing Editor and Art Director for Dark Discoveries magazine for several years. His novella, Milton’s Children, was published by Bad Moon Books in 2013. His short stories and nonfiction articles and essays have been widely published internationally in horrorscience fiction and fantasy magazines and anthologies. With a large personality and gregarious nature, he is a popular panelist at horror conventions and film festivals and has been compared in intensity to Harlan Ellison and Charles Beaumont by his friends and colleagues.



Sunni K Brock

Contributing Editor



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