Issue 2 (FALL/WINTER 2012)

+Issue #2+

+Edited by Jason V Brock & S. T. Joshi+
+Published by Cycatrix Press+

Available in Print or PDF editions here. 


~Table of Contents~

+Fiction & Poetry+

+Rahul Kanakia“Man-Eater”
+JJ Steinfeld“Captivities, or Béla Lugosi, 2031”
+Adam Bolivar — “The Devil and Sir Francis Drake”
+Keith Kennedy — “The Clock Tower”
+Ellen Denton“2323”
+JC Hemphill“Collections”
+Michael Aronovitz“The Echo”
+Earl Hamner“It was Raining the Day the Children Decided to Kill Their Grandmother”
+Wade GermanSelected Poetry
+Nonfiction & Interviews+

+S. T. Joshi
An excerpt from UNUTTERABLE HORROR: A History of Supernatural Fiction
+John D. HaefeleThe Weird Literary Life and Times of Stephen Grendon
+Paul G. Bens, Jr.Dark Side of the Moon – The Quiet Horror of Space: 1999
+David PerlmutterThe Optimal Mode: Television Animation in America, 1948-2010
+William F. NolanRod Serling (Classic Interview)
+Jason V BrockGeorge A. Romero (Interview)
+Kaye VincentKris Kuksi (Interview)

+Kris Kuksi
+James Wymore (Cartoons)+
+Jason V Brock+
+Ron Sanders+

+Michael J. Clarke+
+Kaye Vincent+
+William F. Nolan+
+Sunni K Brock+
+Jason V Brock+



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