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Movie Review: The Chaser (2008)

English Title: The Chaser Hangul Title: 추격자 Director: Na Hong-Jin Writer: Hong Won-Chan, Lee Shinho, Na Hong-Jin Producer: Choi Moon-Su, Jeong Seung-Ku Cinematographer: Lee Seong-Je Stars:  Kim Yun-Seok, Ha Jung-Woo, Seo Young-Hee Release Date: February 14, 2008 Runtime : 123 min. Distributor: Showbox Director Na Hong-Jin’s complex film The Wailing (see review here) […]

Movie Review: “Deranged” (2012)

English Title:  Deranged Hangul Title:  연가시) Director:  Park Jung-Woo, Writers:  Park Jung-Woo, Kim Kyoung-Hoon, Jo Dong-In Cinematographer: Ki Se-Hoon Release Date: July 5, 2012 Runtime: 109 min Stars:  Kim Myung-Min, Moon Jeong-Hee, Kim Dong-Wan, Lee Honey In South Korea there’s an epidemic underway. Out of nowhere, hundreds of people are throwing themselves into rivers, streams and lakes and […]