In Memoriam: Mr. Magic Realism – Bruce Taylor

Wow. I have to admit that Bruce passing away has shocked me. He was a constant in the firmament of Magical Realism. Science Fiction. Horror. Avant-garde. A writer’s writer. I learned from him. Not only that, but he was a dear friend–a genuinely caring and supportive person, as well as a fantastic, imaginative, and prolific creator of worlds, dreams, visions.

We first got to know him at a con in Seattle, as I recall. My good friend James Beach (founder of Dark Discoveries) was there, too. Bruce was always so affable, gentle, sweet. He never said a cross word to (or about) anyone that I could see. Unfortunately, he had longstanding health issues, some of it due to mold, as he explained at his home in Seattle when Sunni and I paid a visit once.

Bruce was also a great supporter. Of my work, and of William F. Nolan’s. He deeply admired Bill, and struck up a correspondence with him. Bill even dedicated a story to him. Bruce was working on another book, but the times were shifting around him, as they are for all of us in publishing. Then the pandemic happened. But the last I heard in e-mail (and social media), he was getting better physically, and the book was revived (I have a story written just for the volume, as did Bill). Then he and Roberta found a beautiful dream home. Needed work, as these things inevitably do, but it was amazing, and he was very excited to finally have a place to enjoy nature and write.

I am, as is Sunni, so deeply saddened by the loss of an excellent writer, outstanding person, kind soul, and wonderful friend. We were proud to know him, and he will be deeply, deeply missed by all who came to do so. He was astonishing… so go read some of his fine output and be amazed.

Rest in peace, Bruce.

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Pushcart Prize-nominee and founder of JaSunni Productions, LLC, whose award-winning documentary films include Charles Beaumont: The Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man, The AckerMonster Chronicles!, and Image, Reflection, Shadow: Artists of the Phantastique, Jason V Brock is also the author of Totems and Taboos, a compilation of his poetry and artwork, the short fiction collections Simulacrum and Other Possible Realities, The Dark Sea Within, and editor, along with William F. Nolan, of The Bleeding Edge and The Devil's Coattails, the latter two published by Cycatrix Press. He has also edited the anthologies Future Weird: Science Fiction with a Touch of Strange, the massive, award-nominated A Darke Phantastique, and others. His nonfiction volume, Disorders of Magnitude, was an awards finalist. He also served as Managing Editor and Art Director for Dark Discoveries magazine for several years. His short stories, nonfiction articles, and essays have been widely published in horror, science fiction, and fantasy magazines, anthologies, and online venues. 

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