Science-Fiction and Fantasy in Rock Playlist

I recently had the honor of serving as moderator and participant in a rousing panel about the intersection of rock music and SFF at Chicon 8: The 80th World Science Fiction Convention. My fellow panelists, Daniel A. Miller, Sarah Pinsker, Luna Moon, and Matthew Rotundo helped put together this amazing playlist.

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Sunni K Brock writes about music, science, technology, art, food, and pop culture. Her fiction and poetry combine science fiction, horror, fantasy, and sometimes erotica. As one-half of the team of JaSunni Productions, LLC and Cycatrix Press, she creates genre film and printed media with her husband, Jason V Brock. If she had spare time, she would spend it researching genealogy, shopping at the farmer’s market, building tricked-out computers, and conducting experiments on controlled randomness.

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