APPEARANCE: Jason V Brock — Orycon, Fall 2015 as Editor GoH

English: Jason V Brock at home.

English: Jason V Brock at home. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jason V Brock is an award-winning writer, editor, filmmaker, composer, and artist, and has been widely published online, in comic books, magazines, and anthologies, such as Innsmouth Nightmares, Disorders of Magnitude (Bram Stoker Award Finalist for Nonfiction; Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award Finalist for Best Book), Simulacrum and Other Possible Realities (fiction/poetry collection), Fungi, Weird Fiction Review, Fangoria, S. T. Joshi‘s Black Wings series, and many others.

As an anthologist, he has done The Bleeding Edge, The Devil’s Coattails (both with William F. Nolan), and A Darke Phantastique (Bram Stoker Award Finalist)…

More information here: Orycon 37 Editor Guest of Honor

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