Firbolg Publishing announces launch of Generous platform

Firbolg Publishing

proudly announces the launch of the

Generous e-commerce platform

for our online store

Generous is a Portland, Oregon-based company leading the future of the online business sales model. Sure, you can buy books (and any other thing) from a lot of online retail locations. Some offer great deals on shipping. Others offer quantity. What makes Generous so different is that it offers hope.


Every time you make a purchase through the Generous platform (and boy is it easy), you automatically make a donation to charity. Firbolg Publishing supports animal charities, and a percentage of every sale is donated to organizations dedicated to helping animals, such as the World Wildlife Fund. We help musicians in need, environmental causes, and the protection of civil liberties. The best part? You pick your price! We have package deals or single books, and there’s always the charitable donation behind every sale.

Buy directly from Firbolg Publishing and give back. Horror books that help end the real horrors… there’s nothing better.



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