Author Spotlight: Ian Futter

Next up, we have poet of the dark, Ian Futter. His poem “Him”, is a beautiful piece in A Darke Phantastique.

I fell in love with death.
He stopped my heart
and stole my breath.
With charming smiles of bone
and eyes like caves that called me home.


And what is behind this seduction?


When I first conceived the idea for this poem, I wanted to fuse three separate themes into a single piece. Hopefully I’ve achieved this. The first reading of the poem will introduce you to the main and most obvious theme, which is humanity’s ever-changing relationship with the powerful and unavoidable force that we will all have to confront someday. The second theme was of the failing relationships that many of us have faced at one time or another. How magnificent and perfect a person can seem to us at the outset, taking up every moment and every thought, until, with the passing of time, we are forced to submit to the grim truth: the perfection was illusory, and to continue in our course would be our undoing. The icon is knocked from the pedestal, and we must resume our solitary lives once more.

The third theme is much darker, and is something I would like you to work out for yourself. In many ways, it is the most dominant of the three. Anyone who has experience
of the state of mind described will work it out immediately, but I hope everyone who reads the poem recognises it for what it is meant to be: A celebration of life.


Ian FutterIan Futter was born in England and from an early age was fascinated by history and castles. This is probably where his love of everything gothic originated. During childhood he read avidly, falling in love with tales of monsters and the supernatural. When the books didn’t satisfy him anymore, he started to tell himself stories and write them down. As he grew older, this habit evolved into what he does now. His passion for writing has developed as his passion for other styles of literature have developed, but the monsters and ghouls remain, lurking between the pen and the paper.

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