Goodbye Melanie Tem

Sadly, Melanie Tem, a wonderful human being and terrific author, lost her battle with breast cancer today. We would like to express our deepest condolences to Steve Rasnic Tem and the rest of the family at this difficult time. We love you, Melanie. Pleasant journeys wherever they may take you. Steve posted this message on… Continue reading Goodbye Melanie Tem

Author Spotlight: Melanie Tem

“Fire spun high into the city night sky and low into the night river right through the rapids, leaving streaks like stars newly lit and stars falling, sizzling in the riverbank weeds so dry from weeks without rain, illuminating and surely sometimes singeing the spinner’s pale forearms and long white-blond hair. Laura watched and trembled.
The fire-spinner was very tall, unless that was just angle and reflection and fire drawing the eye upward. Sirens sang
past, not coming here, not for this place. The fire-spinner made crazy music with a million voices, with some sort of instrument that gleamed like teeth, with ankle- and wrist- and nose- and ear-bells and -rattles invisible except for near-invisible glint. Laura thought, I could do that. Not throw fire and catch it, but my voice jumps around all over the place and my tremors could make music if I put bells on my wrists. There was always drum-play, a single kettle or a concert set or rows of them like blood beats on both sides of the river. There was always weed and wine.
‘That’s what I want to do,’ Brett said beside her.
‘Why?’ A single-word question often sounded like a challenge, but it was all she could manage right now. She hoped
he knew she was eager to understand this about him.”