Author: Michael J. Clarke

VISUAL FRIGHTS: The Other Dead = Revenge of the Animal Kingdom

After three issues of THE OTHER DEAD the half-way point in this grisly but gripping saga of a zombie plague has been reached. Events have been heating up to a boiling point. The furious and savage attacks by various species of the animal kingdom against humanity are now widespread, especially in the state of Louisiana which seems to be the epicenter. With a hurricane threatening to accelerate the devastation and isolation even further, Issue #4 should be on absolute fire and ready to explode. That leaves two remaining issues to bring everything to a resolution or conclusion, and this reviewer wonders when and how (and why) it will all end.

Review: The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

Can you recall the day you learned that Santa Claus was not real? (Or the Easter Bunny, Great Pumpkin, Tooth Fairy, etc. . .?) You probably heard that via an older brother or sister, a favorite cousin, a respected friend (probably a few years older than you), or even your parents. Because you looked up to the person that gave you the sad but true news, you made a conscious decision to change your beliefs. You wanted to be more like that person because you respected and admired them, and so you changed your mindset. You moved away from your childhood reality and a step closer to adult responsibility, just one of many formative steps in your life until you came to the place where you are today. Every one of those steps was your decision, and each time the cost was the abandonment of some innocent and carefree childhood perceptions. Eventually, we reach the point where we can no longer recall those early beliefs from the days when we were so very young and naïve.

Visual Frights: Recommended Post-Halloween Reading

What began as an assumed revenge of the birds against the struggling death-metal band (that decided a little sacrificial blood-letting would launch them on their big breakthrough) continues in Issue #2. However, despite the thinking of band member Jude that they caused the problem (“Dude, that shit worked, man – -“) horrific and tragic events are occurring continent-wide that have no connection whatsoever other than almost all animal life has been infected with a virus with rabid, blood-seeking symptoms.

Visual Frights: Best Descriptive Title of 2013 = Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht

f you can’t figure out what this comic is about from that title, then I’m guessing you’ve been living for decades in a cave without a DVD player and no access to cable television. VAMPIRE VIXENS OF THE WEHRMACHT is a fast-paced horror comic driven by action, rooted in World War II history, and dripping with blood, gore and tantalizing sexual imagery. What makes it work is a light-hearted approach to the subject matter, all in fun but never silly or stupid. You may find yourself laughing at several of the scenarios or chuckling at the devilish dialogue.