Sennacherib and the Martians

        “The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold,       And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold…” ‘The Destruction of Sennacherib’ George Gordon, Lord Byron     “Here and there they were scattered, nearly fifty altogether, in that great gulf they had made, overtaken by a… Continue reading Sennacherib and the Martians

Science-Fiction and Megadeath

There is a peculiar sub-genre of science-fiction that deals with the total destruction of all human life, and it is a subject whose books and films are legion. In stories ranging from When Worlds Collide to The Killing Star, Humanity has suffered that most dire of fates, its light going out in the Universe either… Continue reading Science-Fiction and Megadeath

Why Do People Write Science-Fiction?

You’re watching a football game on TV, possibly the Super Bowl or the Rose Bowl, it really doesn’t matter. There’s an enormous structure filled with people, lights flashing, a Jumbotron showing every excruciating detail of the game, people yelling and screaming in the stands, and suddenly, silence. In a split second, 50,000 people just die.… Continue reading Why Do People Write Science-Fiction?

Where No Man Has Stumbled Before

View image | Space is unforgiving and dangerous, evidenced in more ways than you have fingers and toes. The problems of weightlessness, radiation, isolation, bone density loss, low-bid equipment, pressure changes and temperature fluctuations suggest that there are more than enough ways to kill you fast or slow. It isn’t a venture for the… Continue reading Where No Man Has Stumbled Before