Author: Cody Goodfellow

Cody Goodfellow’s THE BLIND READING THE BLIND: Episode II — Totally Recalling Robocop

Robocop is only the latest, and one of the less ridiculous, rehashes of some of the most incisive scifi films ever made. Paul Bartel’s deliriously black comedy Death Race 2000 posited a breezy utopia where colorful derby racers slaughtered society’s deadwood even as they cheered for their murderers. Death Race (2008) was a steakhead prison break retread that replaced David Carradine’s far-out Frankenstein with a generic alpha asshole (Jason Statham) and abandoned the original’s satirical edge in favor of rad gladiator action porn. The pay-per-view death sport isn’t a commentary on our amoral obsessions with vicarious death or sport as a tribal control mechanism; it’s just a badass thing that you’d probably watch, if it was real.

Cody Goodfellow’s THE BLIND READING THE BLIND: Episode I — Every Man an Omega Man

    Let it be known here and henceforth by even the thickest-headed of trollful misinterpreters blowing Cheeto-dust nose-bubbles in their chocolate milk as they read this, that I am no firm friend of propaganda disguised as entertainment, and rebuke the notion that every cultural artifact has an underlying socio-political […]