Author Spotlight: Wade German

Our next entry in the Author Spotlight series features Wade German whose poem titled “Lords of Chaos” appears in the upcoming anthology A Darke Phantastique.

It opens:

final_cover_600_darke__75890-1396899665-1280-1280__54974-202x3003“Beyond black voids subsumed by blacker fire
We conjure entities from gates of hell;
And knowing all their names impose our will,
Binding those spirits with essential night
To glean the mysteries of eldritch dark
That warp the weave of time and space and earth.”

He explains his poem’s genesis:

“As for the genesis of the poem . . . like a lot of my work, most of this poem came to me ‘received,’ so I’m not really sure about its origins. But at the time of its composition, I was writing a lot of news about international conflicts and human rights abuses. So when I look back on this poem I see it as a sort of exorcism, a figuring out of the evil minds of war pigs everywhere.”

Wade GermanWade German’s poems have appeared internationally in numerous journals and anthologies such as Dark Horizons, Dreams and Nightmares, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Midnight Echo, Nameless, Phantom Drift, Space and Time, and Weird Fiction Review. His work has been nominated several times for Pushcart and Rhysling Awards and has received honorable mentions in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year anthologies. He currently lives in the wilds of Nova Scotia where mysterious creatures roam in the night.



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Sunni K Brock writes about music, science, technology, art, food, and pop culture. Her fiction and poetry combine science fiction, horror, fantasy, and sometimes erotica. As one-half of the team of JaSunni Productions, LLC and Cycatrix Press, she creates genre film and printed media with her husband, Jason V Brock. If she had spare time, she would spend it researching genealogy, shopping at the farmer’s market, building tricked-out computers, and conducting experiments on controlled randomness.

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