Author Spotlight: Misty Dahl

There are fifty(!) contributors to A Darke Phantastique.  Our next spotlight is on Misty Dahl.

Her flash fiction piece, “Forgetting”, begins:

A Darke Phantastique“Chet Baker’s ‘My Funny Valentine’ wafts through the café courtyard and he starts to remember. The memory always finds him around this time of year.
The way she looked shuffling her papers in frustration. Her hair, a blond mix of ribbons and curls, her lips red like a crimson murder.”

She says about the piece:

“The inspiration and cadence of this story came about after listening to Neil Gaiman read his wonderful tale, ‘Instructions.’ It’s a nod to him and other favorite writers, but the teeth of this story came from a place of pain, nestled someplace in my subconscious. This is a fairy tale about dark things; it’s about the horrible things that humans are capable of, and it’s about how easily we can get wrapped up in illusions and obsessions. It’s a tale about how some people can commit atrocities and still live with themselves and the ways in which we cope or don’t cope after suffering the loss of something beloved.”


Misty DahlMisty Dahl is an artist, writer, creativity coach and spiritual entrepreneur, with a predilection for high heels, cats, and fairy tales. Her life purpose is to create and to help others create and fulfill their life purpose. She was born on Valentine’s Day and lives on the Earth planet with her beloved cat, Lucy. Visit her at



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