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Author Spotlight: William F. Nolan

“First, We Have the Woods
They are, in the words of poet Robert Frost, silent, dark and deep. Full of fanged thorns, twisting roots and scaly bark—with leaves the color of dead souls. The trees are gnarled and bent with time; their skeletal branches, like clutching fingers, claw at the sky. The woods harbor wise owls and stupid mice, gaunt-hungry wolves and devil-tailed scorpions and apprehensive deer with soft black eyes. Here are sexually active
rabbits, fierce-eyed toads, curly earthworms, and, in thorned shadow, wily spiders and fat, sleepy snakes aglitter in diamond scales. Plus plenty of other good-looking and not-sogood-looking creatures.”

Like Water for Quarks: Magic Realism meets S-F

Like Water for Quarks is an anthology which aims to display the synergy between the Magic Realism literary movement and modern science fiction. In his introduction, Elton Elliot explains his goal of bringing the awe and wonder back into the genre. The secret to this, he believes, is to embrace cutting edge physics in a way that allows the author to truly speculate with unbounded imagination. “The boundaries between the real and the unreal are blurring,” he said in a recent conversation. “Who is to say that science won’t allow the future to seem magical?”