Prince of Europe

By Elton Elliott & Doug Odell

350 pages, $19.95, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-4276-3904-2

MVP Publishing


The first entry in the Nanoclone Trilogy (Prince of Europe, Bishop of Rome, King of Jerusalem) sets up the intriguing premise: What if some mad scientists cloned the most radical, power-hungry leaders of history? And what does an ancient secret society and mystical artifacts have to do with mysterious pink fog in Scotland?

Although the writing is a bit dry at times (there is a lot of plot to cover here), this novel lays out some interesting ideas and attempts to weave modern day science and ancient beliefs together in a cascade of plot punches that will leave the reader with a lot to think about.

Looking forward to the rest of this fascinating series. Get it here: http://www.mvp-publishing.com/Preview-Prince-of-Europe.html

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