Author Spotlight: Jason Maurer

“Subhumanity (‘monsters’) has long since attempted to integrate itself successfully into human society through the use of educational institutions commonly known as ‘monster academies.’ By providing courses that both emulate those of a normal high school (and, in some cases, the very atmosphere itself) and concrete techniques of how to integrate successfully, these ‘academies’ in theory allow subhumans to successfully integrate into human society in human form, untroubled by the bitter animosity and prejudice often characterizing relations between the two species (Burtran & Burtran, 1888; Miller & Armand, 1999).
Subhumanity has existed since time began and, it is theorized, will exist long after the advent of humanity (Groleo & Darshahn, 1892). However, this has been disputed by a number of other researchers (Armand & Miller, 2000a) as mere speculation and, at best, wishful thinking. With humanity’s population always increasing, more subhumans are attempting to integrate while fewer have chosen to remain placid or fight, and those that do are inevitably destroyed. However, through natural differences in their biology (a partially insubstantial atomic structure that is governed by species-specific physical laws—for more information, see
Armand & Miller, 2001, i.e. the micro-universe theory of subhuman structure) subhumanity has found it possible to infiltrate our society.
Subhumans originally built institutions to help integrate their own kind, but recently more humans have begun to aid in the practice, both financially and more directly.”