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REVIEW: “The Streets” by Robert Dunbar

The Streets By Robert Dunbar Uninvited Books, 2015 Trade Paperback ($18.00), Kindle ($4.99) 334 pages ISBN-10: 098304578X ISBN-13: 978-0983045786 ASIN: B0161OHSTE www.uninvitedbooks.com In a desolate city, as ravaged and dangerous as a post-Apocalyptic wasteland, horrors prowl the back alleys. Struggling to survive, a group of young people find themselves trapped […]

Review: Enter, Night

Enter, Night By Michael Rowe ChiZine Publications, 2011 ISBN: 987-1-926851-45-7 275 pgs. Trade SC. $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN Amazon Link   Vampire fiction. Just whisper the words and they’re likely to evoke groans from horror readers, writers and editors across the globe. Let’s face it, the vampire is a character which—pardon […]