Month: December 2014

Author Spotlight: Greg Bear

Continuing our epic roll call of contributors to A Darke Phantastique, next we present Greg Bear. His contribution is a screenplay titled “Genius”. It starts out: “GENIUS” Commissioned for The Outer Limits, Mark Stern, Sam Egan, 2000 (Never Produced) TEASER FADE IN: EXT. CAMPUS OF BURLINGTON UNIVERSITY – EVENING POV: CUBIST […]

Author Spotlight: Cody Goodfellow

We are very proud to present our next author in our Author Spotlight series, our own Nameless Digest contributor, Cody Goodfellow. His story, “Dust Made of Words”, starts: “’Hey, kid, you like to read books?’ The boss’s brother was waiting for Jim Newcomb when he brought the trash out to the […]

Author Spotlight: Jan Vander Laenen

As we progress through the list of contributors to A Darke Phantastique, we come to Jan Vander Laenen. His entry, “The Bat”, begins: “‘One cannot help thinking that the Belgians started to leave God out of their social circle some time during the last war.’ —Xenophobe’s Guide to the Belgians Yeah, a […]

Author Spotlight: Mike Allen

Continuing with our Author Spotlight series, the next A Darke Phantastique contributor is Mike Allen. “Tardigrade” begins with the following scene: “Gunshots in the dark. One, two, three, four, five. In the abyss, a flatscreen monitor lights, as if awakened by the noise. From the computer, loud chimes play ‘Turkey in the Straw’ […]

Author Spotlight: Nicole Cushing

No, we didn’t forget, we’ve just been REALLY busy. Let’s continue our Author Spotlight series with Nicole Cushing whose story, “The Squatters” is a strong entry in A Darke Phantastique. Nicole’s story begins with a creepy account of an overgrown private “island”: “I have every right to get rid of the […]