Day: September 20, 2014

Author Spotlight: Gio Clairval

“Officer Adohi Youngblood unsnapped his holster as he circled to the driver-side door. He knew the kind of driver he would see in the red Mustang he’d just pulled over: only a reservation drunk would barrel so fast down the winding, dusty back road. He steeled himself, prepared for anything.
Anything but the little old lady smiling up at him.
Youngblood felt the tension ease out of his neck and shoulders. He’d been dreading hauling in another intoxicated tribesman. He was fed up listening to jokes about redskins and firewater, and he’d heard enough comments on the number of reservation drunks he’d pinned. Hell, it wasn’t his fault if a guy couldn’t hold his liquor. Every man had his weakness—he’d been there himself—but drunkenness couldn’t be excused.”