Author Spotlight: S. J. Chambers

Continuing with our spotlight series on contributors to A Darke Phantastique, we now take a look at S. J. Chambers, and the story, “Descartar”.

A Darke PhantastiqueRemedios awoke to the bruja’s smiling face. Arylola’s wrinkles and teeth were brown and porous like a paper towel soaked in coffee grounds.
‘It was that inquisitive Spaniard, no? The jellyfish man?'”

She says about the story:

There are four sources of inspiration for this story: 1) the La Llorona folktale that has always enthralled me; 2) the song “La Llorona,’ as sung by Lila Downs, that very much set the tone of my writing; 3) the painful but life-shaping experience of a friend who, as a teenager, had to make (and perhaps had made for her) a very tough decision that many of us have had to make; 4) a conversation killer I had with a pro-lifer that ended with me exclaiming, ‘Girls don’t have abortions for the fun of it, you know!'”


S. J. ChambersS. J. Chambers writes in Florida. Her fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, Zombies: Shambling through the Ages, The New Gothic (with Jesse Bullington), and in the forthcoming books Steampunk World and Starry Wisdom Library. You can find her online at



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