Author Spotlight: Lawrence Van Hoof

The author spotlight shines again, this time on A Darke Phantastique contributor, Lawrence Van Hoof.

His story, “Birth of an Apocalypse” is offbeat:

“My trip to hell started around four o’clock at the St. Andrew subway station. I wanted to beat the crush of people heading north on the Yonge branch or at least have the luxury of sitting down. My stomach didn’t feel great and had bothered me all day. I hoped it was just the flu because I didn’t want to be pregnant again. That was what the Pill was for. The guy had used a condom too, just like the one from last year, but I didn’t know what he was until it was too late. Angels are real considerate that way.
You’d figure I’d have learned to watch out for them by now. They’re always too good to be true, too beautiful, too charming, kind of like some gay men I’ve met. Amazing, except for one little thing.”

Van Hoof explains:

The story began as one myth and ended as another. The starting point was a woman with a snappy wit in a difficult situation—a fantastical version of friends’ discussions about biological clocks, the decision to have children, the choice between career and family. The Indian angle came naturally, no doubt influenced by the year I participated in a teacher training for yoga. I only had to recognize the pattern I was creating, which happened about halfway through the first draft, and then bringing them together in the end.”


Lawrence Van HoofLawrence Van Hoof was born in Helmond, the Netherlands, and grew up in southwestern Ontario. He graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.Sc. in biochemistry. Currently he lives in Toronto, the multicultural scope of which tugs at his heartstrings. Occasionally he appears in the background of movies and TV series for those who dare to look closely. He can also be found sitting in cafeterias chatting with students eager to improve their conversational English. He is not above tutoring. To be honest, though, he is probably better at teaching board games.


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