Day: September 14, 2014

Author Spotlight: Samuel Marzioli

“On Saturday, July 12th, 2014, a mile-long face appeared in the sky. It was a man’s face, aged though unwrinkled, with a salt-and-pepper beard extending past an unseen neck. It had a shock of shoulder-length silver hair and two thick eyebrows that puffed above probing brown eyes.

Religious leaders around the world immediately began a massive media campaign. They sent emails and newsletters, made television and radio broadcasts, and held interviews all declaring the identity of the head was none other than God himself. This was it, they said. Judgment day…”

Author Spotlight: D. T. Kastn

“The first time it happened was with a penny. Kedger picked it up off a sidewalk and Lincoln started chatting away. Not right off the bat, of course; he moved his mouth around a little, smacked his lips a few times as though getting the taste of copper off his tongue, and when he finally made noise it wasn’t much more than a stutter.
‘Y,’ he said. ‘Buh. Ih. I don’t—I don’t belong to you.'”