Day: September 13, 2014

Author Spotlight: Ray Garton

“Lizard Man had been pretty weird lately, but now he was talking suicide, and we couldn’t let that happen.
He wasn’t actually talking about it, of course, he was writing about it on his blog, Lizard Man Dispatches. It had become wildly popular in a short period of time, popular enough to get a prominent mention at The Huffington Post and a joke from Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show. The Lizard Man, whose real name was Richard Gedrick, had not expected his new-found fame and didn’t seem to be handling it well. We were concerned…”

Author Spotlight: Sunni K Brock

“All that blue. Nothing but blue as far as the eye can see . . .

Bill gazed out of the window from his seat: 7A. He would rather have had an aisle seat, but the only ones available were in the exit row and at his advanced age he didn’t feel comfortable with all that responsibility.

As he downed the last of his orange juice, he couldn’t help but think about how many people would die if the plane . . .

They’re right. I’m too morbid…”