Day: September 12, 2014

Author Spotlight: Nathaniel Lee

“In one of the Times between the other Times, the iron bars came back to the land. Mitzi discovered them, or at least stumbled up on them, while munching a handful of tender shoots and thinking of nothing much, as chimpanzees are wont to do, particularly while eating. The iron bars rattled out of the ground like fast-growing trees, meeting overhead with a series of terrible clangs. Mitzi fled, shrieking, as the bars slammed shut behind her. There was a pause and a sense of intense inspection, and the bars retreated back into the ground with a disappointed whisper.”

Author Spotlight: Bruce Taylor

“He sees her on the TV and watches her closely for clues. The clues are very important, and she looks back at him intently.

‘Zident Gum,’ she says, and she breathes out and he can practically smell her breath and it reeks of sex and it’s like he’s thirteen again when his dong was so hard at that crisp age that he feared that he would try to put it into anything that moved. ‘Zident Gum,’ she says again, her eyes are brown and dilated, her hair long and dark and silky, her lips full, red-lipsticked, the teeth white, and he looks for the clues and suddenly understands what she’s saying: Hey! Chew this and get laid…”