NORWESCON Schedule for Jason V Brock and William F. Nolan

++William F. Nolan and I will be guests here this weekend:


NORWESCON in Seattle…




++Here is a link to the list of Guests of Honor:





++Here is a link to the list of attending pros:




–Here’s our schedule by day–


THURSDAY: Nothing for us.






**Nolan — William F. Nolan reads something new


Friday 2:30 PM; Cascade 1; Content to be determined. Rated PG




**Brock — Character Arc, Plot Arc — Story!


Friday 4:00 PM; Cascade 3&4; Brenda Cooper (M), Corry L. Lee, Jason V Brock, Ken Scholes, Steven Barnes


“Knowing how your plot and characters change as the tale moves forward helps a writer to craft more powerful stories. What makes a great character arc and how can you make your character’s internal change more compelling? What makes a great plot arc and how can you intertwine your plot with your character?”




**Brock — Preparing For the Superplague


Friday 5:00 PM; Cascade 8; Jim Kling (M), Jason V Brock, Nancy Kress, Ro Yoon


“Global trade is an economic necessity nowadays, and global travel is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. When–not if–a deadly, highly contagious disease evolves, it will almost certainly become a worldwide pandemic before anyone realizes that it exists. How will we cope?”




**Brock — Jason V Brock reads a recent piece of fiction


Friday 7:00 PM; Cascade 1; Content to be determined. Rated PG






**Nolan — The Continuing Impact of Robert Heinlein


Saturday 2:00 PM; Cascade 8; David Nasset, Sr. (M), Dana Andrews, Jen K, William F. Nolan


Robert A. Heinlein is inarguably one of the most influential and popular SF writers ever. What made his work so influential? And what makes much of it remain so popular?”




**Nolan AND **Brock — Autograph Session 2


Saturday 3:00 PM; Grand 2; Our Attending Professionals are available to sign autographs. PLEASE NOTE: So that as many fans as possible can participate, we will be enforcing a three-items-at-a-time (or single-sketch) autograph limit.




Autumn Grieve (M), Steven Barnes, **Jason V Brock**, Tina Connolly, Diana Copland, Bruce R Cordell, Elton Elliott, Steve Gillett, Rich Glover, Rhiannon Held, _HeyLasFas!, Pat MacEwen, Ken McConnell, Darragh Metzger, Morgue Anne, Ramez NaAM, **William F. Nolan**, Frances Pauli, John (J.A.) Pitts, Kevin Radthorne, Mark Rahner, Ken Scholes, Leannan Sidhe, Patrick Swenson, Wednesday Wolf, Matt Youngmark




**Nolan — How to Write Vivid Scenes


Saturday 5:00 PM; Cascade 5; Diana Pharaoh Francis (M), Karen Kincy, S. A. Bolich, William F. Nolan


“What makes writing vivid? What does vivid writing do for the reader? How can you edit existing writing to make it more vivid? How to use all five senses.”




**Nolan — The Future of Cities


Saturday 7:00 PM; Cascade 6; Arthur Bozlee (M), Peter Blanton, Dana Andrews, William F. Nolan


“Growing seemingly beyond their ability to sustain, is there a future for mega-cities like Los Angeles, Tokyo, Mexico City? What about smaller cities? Their budgets are stretched to the point of snapping, too. What can be done to save cities?”




**Brock — Biobanking on the Future


Saturday 6:00 PM; Cascade 5; Janet Freeman-Daily (M), Jason V Brock, Jim Kling


“Stocked with biological samples from tens or hundreds of thousands of people, biobanks have been a controversial boon to medical research. Our panelists will discuss their use and the ethical, legal and social issues that such facilities raise.”






**Nolan — Guilty Pleasures


Sunday 11:00 AM; Cascade 2; Mimi Noyes (M), Camille Alexa, Jonny Nero Action Hero, William F. Nolan, Molly Lewis


“Media we hate to admit that we love and the private battles we face when it becomes acceptable to like them openly.”




**Brock — Revision


Sunday 1:00 PM; Cascade 8; Jason V Brock (M), Jack Skillingstead, Kevin Radthorne, Nancy Kress


“There are no good writers, only good re-writers. How to edit your own work. We’ll discuss how to cut passive voice, unnecessary words, and anything that else slows your fiction down. Do you read your text out loud?”




**Brock — The Horror Novel vs Horror Cinema


Sunday 2:00 PM; Cascade 12; Jason V Brock (M), Buzzy, Jude-Marie Green


“Both short horror stories and short horror films can be equally frightening but can a horror novel scare us as effectively as a feature film?”










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